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Bowflex Treadclimber And Selecttech Dumbbells Redefining The Home Gym Experience

In this product spotlight well concentrate on the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbells and the Bowflex line of Treadclimbers — two best-selling Bowlex products — and for good reason.

The Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells embody one of the most innovative and versatile exercise equipment advances in recent years. You no longer need a rack with multiple dumbbells at various weights. The SelectTech series effectively replaces 17 sets of dumbbells using a patented dial system that lets you to easily modify the weight in 2.5 lb, 5 lb or 10 lb increments, depending on the model. The entire system utilizes one compact base that takes up about the space of one set of dumbbells. Bowflex manufactures the SelectTech Dumbbells in three models the SelectTech 220, SelectTech 552 (the most popular) and SelectTech 1090.

Manufactured in four primary models, the Bowflex Treadclimber provides an option for every fitness level and budget. They include the TC1000, TC3000, TC5000, and TC6000. Owning a Bowflex TreadClimber is like having a treadmill, elliptical trainer, and Stairmaster combined in one compact home exercise solution. The machine’s unique combination of movements, utilizing two independently working platforms, is efficient and highly effective. The most affordable option, the TC1000 features a 3.8 mph (6.1 kph) maximum treadmill speed, while the top of the line TC 6000 runs at a top speed of4.5 mph (7.2 kph). The TC3000 and TC5000 each max out at 4.0 mph (6.4 kph).

There are many other important distinctions to be made among the
individual Bowflex Treadclimber models. Starting with the TC1000, all models include 3 basic functions — Speed, Distance and Time. The TC3000 also gives you Calories per Minute, Total Calories and Total Steps. The TC5000 then adds two additional functions — the Climb Indicator and the Heart Rate Monitor. Finally, the high end

Oct 21

Choose Your Home Gym Matting As Per Needs

Attending a gymnasium is increasingly becoming a part of daily routine for health conscious people. Big clubs, hotels and social centers are in the spree of setting up a gymnasium for the members. Even big corporate offices are setting up gymnasium for their employees. Parallel affluent persons are showing a trend of setting up a small gym in their house itself for the family members. To set up a gym needs proper planning of floor management considering nature exercise to be performed there. While floor space and its flooring material are the only criteria to be considered in case of free hand exercise or yoga, using instruments adds another dimension to this consideration of gym flooring.

Corporate or clubs may have ample options and space and different flooring could be done as per nature of exercise since money and space do not play much role there. But when it is your home gym, it calls for your consideration of one time finalization of gym matting plan or gym flooring plan that suits all probable types of your freehand and instrument uses. Gym floor must be durable, easily washable, affordable and eco-friendly.

Many types of flooring are readily available; vinyl, hard wood floor, plastic gym flooring, rubber flooring and foam flooring etc. In fact rubber flooring is gaining more popularity in home gym matting. Rubber mats are easily manageable and can be cut to exact floor size and curves. Also, it is considered to hold tight grips of stepping and avoid slips and fall. Rubber matting can be easily washed and cleaned too.

Cost, durability, thickness and look are the criterions one should consider before going for final ordering for gym floor. Fitness mat, as nicknamed by users, are the ones that you use for mainly yoga and some free hand

Oct 20

How To Select Gym Equipment, Selecting Commercial Gym Equipment

How to Select Commercial Gym Equipment

Today, more and more people are getting conscious about their health, due to the fact that regular exercising helps to get fit and stay healthy for life. A fitness program that consists of proper diet and right exercise offers numerous benefits like building stamina, maintaining shape and gaining strength.

This fitness trend has given rise to a flourishing business of manufacturing and selling a variety of gym equipment for gymnasiums as well as for home use. You should properly select commercial gym equipment as it plays an important role in achieving desired results for any fitness program.
Choose Commercial Gym Equipment Commercial gym equipment is heavy duty equipment used in commercial gyms, health clubs and training centers. They have many more features; are more expensive and long lasting; and are usually designed to handle a lot more weight and involve repeated usage; compared to home gym equipment used by individuals at their homes.

Before you choose commercial gym equipment, first prepare a list of the various types of gym equipment you would accommodate in your health center; then decide the operating frequency, and also the work space requirement.

Select Commercial Fitness Equipment

You should ideally select commercial fitness equipment that are durable and occupy less space; are suitable for all skill levels; safe and easy to use; and can accommodate a variety of exercises.The internet is nowadays considered as a better option to buy commercial fitness equipment since there are many online shops offering various types of fitness equipment at reasonable rates. World Fitness is an online store where you can find fitness products that meet your budget as well as your needs.
We sell barbell, trampoline, medicine ball, crossfit equipment, kettlebell, vibration platform, strength equipment, multi gym, aerobic step,

Oct 20

Weider Home Gym- Important Article For Buy Home Gym

A home gymnasium is composed of a collection of exercise hardware allowing you to do different exercises like weight lifting, bench presses, lateral pull downs, crunches, army presses, and more, all in the comforts of your home. Home gymnasiums can go a ways because they simulate different coaching and gymnasium exercises for a full body workout.

If you’re trying to find data about weider home gym, you will find the below similar article actually beneficial. It gives a refreshing viewpoint that’s much related to weider home gym and in some demeanor related to home gyms,elliptical machines or bio force usa,bow flex ultimate home gym review.

One of the fascinating facts about the Gravity Edge gymnasium machine is it is extraordinarily cheap and cheap. So much so that the price is quite incredible and if one is keen on going ahead with buying this machine then one can manage it quite simply inside his / her finances and not troubling about going bust.

Sometimes the one thing that needs to be done as far as upkeep is concerned is scrubbing it. This however is a very important step in caring for your apparatus. You should do this at least every time you use the machine.

INTERVAL — Did you notice so far that this article is indeed related to weider home gym? If not, go on and read more. You will find more information that will help you as regards weider home gym or other related home gym exercise, impex fitness products, weider pro 9735 home gym system, used gym equipment.

The kinds of gym equipment to purchase for at home depend on your weight, age, male, fitness levels and health levels. Look at what you are attempting to achieve when you start a home gymnasium.

Be careful in checking the

Oct 20

How A Well-designed Cardio Workout Plan Can Give You More Energy

It’s no doubt that you’ve heard that a well-designed (and performed) cardio workout plan can give you more energy. The fact that it can has been a

major selling point by trainers, the health department, and PE teachers the world over as why you should be doing cardio workouts several


Now, it takes energy to actually *do* your cardio workout plan, right? So, if you’re already tired, and it takes more energy to do the workout,

which means you’d have *less* energy than normal when you’re done, where does the more energy point kick in?

Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it?

Well, it’s kinda like business – you have to spend money to make money, right? You can’t make money by just sitting there and hoping it gets

better. Sometimes you have to make a small investment if you want to get ahead. The idea is that a wisely-placed small investment will be

multiplied by many times when it comes back to you.

It’s the same with your cardio workout plan.

The things that make you tired – being overweight, a heart that has to work too hard, poor posture, stress, etc. can all be taken care of, improved,

and solved by putting your time in on a proper cardio workout.

Sure, it’s not easy at first, but just like it seems like you’re losing money at first because you’re spending it, think of the time and energy you’re

putting in as an investment in your future physical and psychological well-being.

After you put the time in and get in better shape, you’ll feel better about yourself, whether it’s because you lost your gut and have to buy smaller

pants, or because you’re no longer embarassed to

Oct 20

A Gym Billing Solution Offers More Than Billing And Accounting Functionality

At first glance, it seems that a gym owner can rely on various software applications to serve as a gym billing solution, but even so, an enterprise can enjoy the utmost benefits of billing software only if the proper solution has been implemented. Gym billing modules, often incorporated into integrated systems that are able to deal with broader set of tasks, can provide more than the usual billing and accounting functionality, automating various tasks and reducing payroll costs, while improving the overall efficiency within a fitness center.

Such an integrated solution can feature functionality to cope with marketing and customer support, for example. Some reliable products also feature functionality to deal with sales procedures and processes that are closely related to billing customers for access to services or for purchase of goods. Core billing functionality aside, an integrated fitness management solution can introduce numerous benefits to both large and small gyms, automating the performance of their day-to-day activities and reducing time and effort invested into the handling of documentation.

Furthermore, an easy-to-use gym billing solution can provide functionality to trigger tax-related alarms as well as to signal when a particular tax form or other document should be filled along with the day-to-day invoicing. More advanced systems are able to fully automate the process of billing and invoicing, dealing with complex tax and other regulations, and can be configured to follow a particular billing and accounting standard, local or internationally recognized.

While most software vendors initially focused on functionality, a growing number of software developers and suppliers realize that user interface and ease of use are actually a major decisive factor for a software product’s success, thus developing more user-friendly but still fully-functional solutions with which users can familiarize within days or hours.

Speaking of fitness management software we have to

Oct 17

Tower 200 Workouts – Perfect Blend Of Well Selected Routines

One of the most popular workout routines right now is the Tower 200 workouts. It is an ingenious combination of resistance as well conditioning. The workouts can effectively apply a vast array of training routines. Using the bands of varying tension with a whopping 200 lbs of resistance, the owner of this system can turn this rather simple device into a whole gym. This means that virtually any exercise on any specific part of the body can be done. Here is a quick round up of the exercises for the system:

The Tower 200 workouts feature exercises that are targeted for a certain muscle group. These muscle groups are the abs, arms and back, chest and shoulders as well as legs

The routine also include compound exercises that can be used to increase balance, create a more dynamic routine and target multiple muscle groups as well as intensify the difficulty of the program

These select 200 workouts from the routine are chosen to maximize the effectivity of the exercise equipment being used. Aside from these exercises, the program also includes an 11 minute video that contains high intensity workouts that was used by professional fighter Randy Couture. This high intensity workout is of a higher level compared to the others and so it would be best to stick first with the existing Tower 200 workouts before going ahead into the challenging ones.
Depending on the fitness level of the individual, the Tower 200 will take various time frames to give significant results. As this can be remarked as home gym equipment, the device will only provide the essential tools to give the user the significant change they want. It will vary depending on the dedication and eating habits as well as discipline of the individual to handle the task

Oct 17

Gym Equipments – Weight Plates, Recumbent Bikes, Spin Bike

Boxing Equipment
Boxing is an interesting game now a day. Boxers are the participants of the game. Both boxers are fighting with their fists. Boxing requires hard exercises and special training to fight. In this game it requires boxing equipments to fight and protect from the attack at other end. The boxing equipment includes boxing bags, boxing gloves, boxing headgear, boxing bag mitts, boxing stand, cardio boxer, skipper rope, everlast facesaver headgear, kick bag, handwraps, focus pads, cotton inner gloves etc. boxer needs various safety boxing equipment during the fight. Boxing shoes protect boxer’s feet. Mouth guard protects from mouth, face and head injuries. Shins and froin pads protect the sensitive area of lower body region of boxer from any accidental kicks and low blows.
Boxing gloves protects the hands of boxer from being fractured. Boxing gloves are available in different types based on design, price and size like sparring gloves, heavy gloves and speed bag gloves. For boxing practice boxer do throwing punches practice before mirror. Boxer’s clothes are also very flexible and convenient for fight. Boxing shorts are general wear for boxers. Body punch practice is an important training for a boxer. Where to punch, when to punch, where and when to kick requires a lot exercise workout with boxing equipment. Great boxer never gives any opportunity to the opponent boxer to be heavy on him. Boxer uses speed bag for to maintain the coordination of his eyes and hands speed and in such way he increases his knockout power with a punch to the body. Heavy bag give the boxer enough exercise to speed up his punch with power. Will power and confidence are the two most important factors in this game to win or lose. Boxer needs to increase his punch power. Now a

Oct 16

Buying Gym Equipment For Your Workout Space

Many people are now fighting off a sedentary lifestyle for several reasons. First, they want to shape up to look fit and improve their self-image. Second, they want to fight fatigue, laziness, and lack of energy to put the vitality back in their life. Third, they wanted to get away from stress and depression to keep themselves in good mental state.

These are some common reasons provided by people who want to bring balance back in their life and improve their quality of living. As a solution to the dilemma presented, the first thing that many will advise you with is to get an exercise. However, this is easier said than done since proper workouts require choosing the right fitness equipment.

Planning ahead will surely help you find what you need, know where to find one, and determine how much it will cost you. Aside from these, here are some great tips to take note while shopping:

1. Take a short tour around your house and plan where you want to make your home gym. Consider the size of the area and think about the things that you plan on buying. If you got a limited space, you should consider selecting multi-tasking workout equipment.

2. Consider the changing weather. You would not want to go running outdoors if downpours frequent your area. In this case, you will need an exercise machine that will help you perform your regular workout regardless of the weather. Consider buying treadmills, elliptical machines, or stationary cycles so you can do your cardio exercises any time of the year whether it is warm, cold, or rainy outside.

3. Look for several gym equipment options. Online shops are often some of the best venues to find items that you need. Aside from convenience, you will get to

Oct 15

Gym Management Software

Gym management software has become imperative for smooth functioning of gyms around the world. Whether it is small gyms with one branch or giant chains with multiple gyms across the country, the right gym management software can guarantee efficient management without additional overheads. There are a lot of companies specializing in gym management solutions that are reliable, easy to use, and efficient to make day to day operations in your business or business chain comfortable and effortless, but the stress remains on these applications to be user-friendly and affordable. For growing business this is the tool that can give you the edge you need over other competitors. Once you have made up your mind to buy the software, the trick is to find an ideal company to provide gym management software to fit your gym requirements.

The main goal behind procuring such software is to help you lower business costs, increase profitability, and bring efficiency to mundane work without increasing the number of staff. This will help you reduce overheads and monthly expenses. Once you have found some well-reputed companies, you can contact them via email or phone and ask for a personalized demonstration, a quote and list of services and products. Doing this can help you compare the companies and select the one the suites your requisites the best.

It is imperative to opt for a company that offers customizable solutions. Also, choosing a company with software built support will ensure that any problem at a later date is taken care of. Choose a company that is experienced and has some impressive testimonials or major brand under its belt, as this ensures professionalism, expertise, and good work ethic.

Quality software solutions accessible today offer storage of limited or unlimited member records and user licenses, steadfast support, paid or free

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